What's it like driving an electric car EV in South Devon?

Thinking about bringing your electric car to South Devon but wondering if you'll be able to charge it and what it's really like driving an EV on the roads in Devon around the South Hams, and how do the hills impact the range? And is there anywhere to charge? Read on because, as someone who's had the pleasure of driving around the South Hams in an electric vehicle, I can tell you it's a pretty awesome experience.

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15 places to visit in South Devon

Planning your South Devon holiday or short break this year? Find that time normally runs out and you get to the last day and find out all the places that you should have gone to while you were way? Sound familiar? Then have a read of our go to list of 15 tried and tested (by us, and our family!) places that we love to visit in South Devon to help you plan ahead for your Devon holiday.  A couple may be dependant on reopening, so do check before you travel. If you are staying in or around Salcombe, Kingsbridge, Hope Cove, Dartmouth or any of the hidden hamlets and tiny villages that are in the South Hams you should find something that suits everyone. Especially if you are bringing your four-legged friend with you. Most of the places in the list below are dog friendly.

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